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Property Management Blog

How Much Will Your Property Rent For?

One very important step in renting out a single family home is knowing what to set the asking rent for. Set it too high and your property will sit vacant for weeks. Too low and you won't be collec...
Property Management Blog

Is Rent Control Coming?

The November elections are just a month away and a very important measure will be presented to all California voters: Proposition 10.  If passed, Proposition 10 will repeal the Costa-Hawkins...
Property Management Blog

Selecting A Home Security System

In 2018, personal home security systems are cheap, they're everywhere and they are incredibly easy to install. It has become an absolute no brainer to have one in your personal home and may become...
Property Management Blog

Are You Ready To Die?

Most people would say “no” but in reality we all die. Unless you are super rich and maybe a little goofy, you could look into a good cryogenic vendor to freeze your brain in the hopes of a...
Property Management Blog

What Does An Appraiser Do?

 If you're looking at buying a home, chances are you've been told that you will need to get an appraisal. You may then find out that you are responsible for paying for the appraisal ...
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