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5 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Listing Their Rental Property

5 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Listing Their Rental Property

It’s that time again. Your current renters are moving out and you are once again burdened with the tedious task of finding new tenants. It can be difficult to find outstanding tenants and you also don’t want your property sitting there unused for too long. Here are a few mistakes that you should be careful not to make if you want to get your property rented quickly.

  1. Use Low-quality Images or No Images at All

    • When you’re listing your property, remember that you want to make the potential tenant want to live there. As much as you describe the property, it’s important to remember that a picture is worth 1000 words. Take the time to take a few quality pictures of each room. Not sure how to take a great picture? Check out this quick tutorial.
  2. List Above Market Pricelisting rental property

    • A huge mistake that inexperienced property owners often make is that they list their property too high above market price. While it would be great to have that much extra money in your pocket, it may take a lot longer to get your property rented, which will inevitably be a profit loss. List at or below market price. If you feel like you have renovated your property enough to be worth more than market price, then make sure that you mention the renovations in the listing and take great pictures of them.
  3. Don’t Reply to Inquiries in a Timely Manner

    • When you get inquiries, reply to them in a friendly and timely manner. Be sure that you give the potential tenant clear instructions on what to do if they would like to move forward. If you leave people waiting for too long, they will seek living arrangements elsewhere.
  4. Neglect to Emphasize the Property’s Best Featureslisting rental property

    • Don’t forget to SELL your property on its best features. Is it located in a great neighborhood? Is there a lot of street parking? Does it have a balcony with a phenomenal view? These are all things that people want to know! (And don’t forget to take pictures)
  5. Forget to Hit All of Your Bases

    • The best part about listing property these days is that it is so much more convenient than it was ten, even five, years ago. There are so many free places that you can list your property online. Zillow, Trulia, and Craigslist are a few great places to start.

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