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5 Tips to Qualify for a Rental House

5 Tips to Qualify for a Rental House

When it comes to renting a house, the competition can be fierce. The best landlords do what they can to find the best tenants for their properties. It is important that you do what you can to set yourself apart from the competition. If you qualify for a rental house, but you have now idea how, Here are a few things you should remember when it comes to increasing your chances for approval:

  1. Pay your current landlord on time every month.

    • Do what you can to pay your current landlord on time. Keeping up a good track record is crucial when it comes to qualifying for a rental house. Landlords want to know that you are a reliable and responsible tenant that will be able to pay your rent on a consistent basis. If you don’t pay your rent at your current place, what are the chances that you’ll pay it at your new one? That’s what landlords are thinking when they see you neglecting to pay your rent.
  2. Have a verifiable history.


Having a verifiable rental, work, and credit history goes a long way when it comes to trying to qualify for a rental house.

  • Rental History
    • If you have rented in the past, contacting your previous landlords should be a simple process for your potential landlord. Make sure you have access to your previous addresses as well as your landlords’ email and phone number.
  • Work History
    • Having a great and consistent work history goes a long way when it comes to getting selected as a tenant. Keeping a job for a significant amount of time shows that you will be able to afford to pay rent consistently.
  • Credit History
    • Bad credit is a sign that you are not a dependable borrower which landlords often see as a red flag. Keep up with your monthly credit payments and keep that credit score as high as you can!
  1. Never get evicted from a house.

    • Do everything you can to not get evicted. This may seem like an obvious tip, but it’s extremely important. To potential landlords, getting evicted either means that you didn’t pay your rent, you were a terrible tenant, or a disruptive neighbor. Going through the eviction process is extremely tedious for landlords, so when it happens, to the potential landlord it seems like the cause of eviction was probably extreme.
  2. Leave your prior landlord under good terms.

    • Even though you’re getting ready to live in a new place, it important that you leave your prior landlord under good terms. As previously stated, don’t get evicted and do your best to make sure that your transition out of the rental is a smooth one. Make sure you give the property manager or landlord a decent amount of notice and do you best to leave the apartment sparkling clean.
  3. Be ready to pay the application fee.

    • Renting an apartment is competitive. Some properties have hundreds of potential tenants viewing every day. When you go to visit a potential property that you really like, have the application fee ready to pay the landlord so that you can stay ahead of the game.

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