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DIY Home Repairs to Help You Get Your Full Deposit Back

DIY Home Repairs to Help You Get Your Full Deposit Back

Are you a property owner or property manager trying to prepare a lovely for a new tenant? Are you a tenant, trying to make sure that you get your entire deposit back? If you have answered to either of the previous questions, then this article for is for you. Renters- even minor damages can make the biggest different when it comes to getting your deposit back. Property owners- even minor fixes can take your property to the next level of worth! Here are a few small fixes that you can do yourself and save some time and some money! (There are even videos to help make the process super simple!)


Holes in the Wall:


After hanging up a few pictures and paintings, you’re bound to have a few holes here and there. If there are too many, they can be an unsightly nuisance. Here’s what you can do to fix it:


Missing Bathtub & Shower Tiles:


Sometimes the water pressure can cause shower tiles to pop off into the bathtub. If this happens to you, consider this solution:


Peeling Paint:


Peeling paint can go from one tiny area to the entire wall very quickly, especially if you have children with bored fingers. Before it gets too out of hand, try out this quick fix for peeling paint.


Scuff Marks:


Unless you live alone, never invite anyone over, and never leave your bed, you’re going to have a few scuff marks on your wood floor. Don’t risk not receiving your deposit back over something that can be easily fixed!


Carpet Stains:


Carpet stains happen. It doesn’t have to be a disaster. There are several ways to go about getting carpet stains out of the carpet, and here is one of them. Tip: The sooner you deal with it, the easier it’ll be to get out.


Here’s another helpful hint for renters:


If you want to get your deposit back, before your final walk-through, consider hiring a professional cleaning service to make sure that your apartment sparkles the best it can. It’ll be worth the money.


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