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Making Your Property Posting Stand Out From The Rest

Making Your Property Posting Stand Out From The Rest

One of the most tedious parts of being a property manager is finding quality tenants. Putting up a posting for an available apartment can seem easy, but it can be hard to know exactly what information you need to include. You also want to be sure that you draw the eye of the best tenants possible. Here are a few ideas for how to make the most of your property posting:

  • Focus on the positives, but don’t leave out the negatives
    • When crafting your property posting make sure that you highlight all of the positive aspects of living in your rental. Capitalize, bold, and use exclamation points to draw people to what is great about living in your property. On the same note, you also don’t want to leave out the negatives. It is important that you are honest and upfront to prevent from having problems with tenants in the long run.
  • Include all the necessary information, but be brief
    • Make sure that you answer any possible questions that a potential renter may have in the posting but at the same time, make sure you are brief. You don’t have to speak in full sentences or use a lot of detail. Use bullet points to cover all of the main topics. When you include all of the details, this helps to weed out the people that don’t qualify to rent your property or are looking for something else.
  • Communicate
    • Don’t forget to include a few ways for the potential renter to contact you if they have any questions and if you are contacted, try to get back to them as soon as possible. How you communicate in the beginning of the rental process will signify how you will communicate in the long run.
  • Know where to post
    • There are so many places to post your property online. When you are beginning your search for a tenant try posting on one or two online rental boards to prevent from having an influx of applications that is too hard to manage. After a few days, if you have not heard from that many potential renters, you should expand your search to a few more online posting sites.
  • Highlight your location
    • Location is everything. People move to places because of the location so make sure that you highlight the best features of your location. What shopping malls are nearby? Are there any good parks? Are there good schools in the neighborhood? What is there to eat? What places are in walking distance? These are all great questions to consider when you are highlighting your location.
  • Take Good Pictures
    • A picture is worth a thousand words. Take really good pictures and you will surely draw people to your property. Make sure to not only take pictures of the inside of the house, but the outside and the surrounding neighborhood. Try your best to help the potential renter to know what living on the property would be like without having to go there.
    • A video is worth thousands of images. Sometimes a video is more effective for displaying an attractive listing. This is particularly true for very large properties. It doesn’t take much to call a video production company to come out and take a few shots.

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