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Here’s How People Are Retiring Early

Here’s How People Are Retiring Early

I can be as big of a worrywart as Marlin the clownfish in Finding Nemo. It seems silly that an aquatic animal should be afraid of the ocean, but in reality, most of us are frightened of the environment we live in.

Finding NemoWhy is this? Perhaps it's because we could be happily floating along in our pink sea anemone when a huge barracuda takes everything we worked hard for in a single chomp (spoiler alert for anyone who hasn’t seen the film).


We may not be clownfish, but we do feel pretty foolish when these same situations happen to us too, and in an uncertain economic state, Americans are feeling the sting of the bite.


Few of us rarely retire at the ripe ole’ age of 65 anymore because finances are so uncertain.


However, there is still hope in retiring young without having to worry about future savings, and the answer hits much closer to our sea anemone home than we thought. We need to invest in real estate.


Most of us have been ingrained at a young age to invest in stock to be financially successful. Even in junior high, I was given a yearlong project to “pretend invest” in stocks to see where my funds go. At twelve, I did not know much about the big game, and to be honest, few of us still do years later, which is why we need to swim a different route when it comes to investing wisely. 


Capitalizing sensibly is half of the game when it comes to facing retirement challenges. Most advice columns suggest being highly frugal in order to do so, but let's be honest, money is already tight so how could we possibly cut back more? 


Finding NemoThe solution is to invest in real estate.


Everyone needs a home, including our little friend Marlin the clownfish, and therefore, people are always going to be interested in real estate, making it a stable market to get into. 


Sure, the market is always fluctuating, but investors will guarantee that conditions will rise in the homeowner’s favor with a much quicker turnover than in stocks, and you can pocket the cash instead of having to keep it locked up online. By investing in one property each year for ten years, someone can expect to receive an extra $100,000 annually by renting out the properties. 


Okay, so it takes money to initially purchase rental properties, but by focusing on the cash flow, it has been discovered that the average investor will receive a 20% cash return on the money invested monthly. In a short amount of time, the investment put into the property will be balanced out, and the rest of the funds will be easily pocketed and put towards savings and retirement.


Finding Nemo As long as rent keeps coming in, so will your income, which will be raised along with the market exponentially. 


Finally, we can welcome retirement without stressing and can say goodbye to that guess and check game of stocks; that method is now sleeping with the fishes. A home is only as happy as you can make it, so make the wise choice and invest in a real estate. 


You may find that its benefits are deeper than the ocean, but you won’t have to search the seas to get there.


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