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Biggest Mistakes Owners Make When Screening Potential Tenants

Biggest Mistakes Owners Make When Screening Potential Tenants

Choosing the right tenants is a tough job. After all, they are living in your home and you want them to take care of it. It can be difficult to tell who is reliable and responsible without putting in the right amount of work. Here are a few mistakes that property owners often make when screening potential tenants that results in them having terrible occupants on their property.

  1. They don’t dig deep enough.


If you want a great tenant, it is not enough to simply run one credit check and call their current employer. Here’s what you need to do:

  • A thorough credit check.
    • Running one simple credit check isn’t enough. Make sure that you do a social security cross check, in addition to checking FICO score.
  • Do a Background Check

It is also important to do a background check into criminal history. While it is against the law to deny someone housing because they have certain backgrounds, there are certain protocols that need to be taken when allowing a sex offender or person with criminal history to live on your property.

  1. They take any proof of employment

    • When checking for proof of income, many property owners often make the mistake of using the contact information that is provided by the potential tenant. This is a faulty method because unfortunately, many potential tenants may fall into the temptation of falsifying proof of employment by providing incorrect contact information. Instead of calling the contact information directly, it is safer to run a search online and ask to speak to human resources to verify that the employment information is 100% true.
  2. They don’t do landlord verification correctly

    • Similar to proof of employment, it is extremely risky to use the contact information provided by the applicant. Instead, use the address that they provided for the building to pull the title and find the owner’s information on there.

Make sure that you don’t make these mistakes and you will end up with a great tenant for your property.


At Mesa Property Management, we understand the value of having quality people living on our clients’ properties and we don’t skimp on screening potential tenants.  We have access to the best technologies to be able to provide you with the best tenants. We are so confident in our abilities to find the best people to rent from you that if the tenant has to move out before their lease is up we will find you a new tenant at no charge to you.


Mesa Property Management is committed to providing top of the line property management services. For more information about the quality services that we have available visit us online or call us at 866-679-1730.