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Landlords Are Busy People

If you are a landlord, you know this better than anyone else. Most landlords aren’t full time. They have jobs, families, hobbies and a plethora of other high priorities in their life that all rank above their landlord duties.

Even with everything going on in their busy lives, they are still willing to answer the phone on nights and weekends to make sure their tenants are taken care of.

70-80% of all residential rental properties in Southern California are managed by the owner.

What that means is that most landlords either don't trust or don't see the need for a property manager. They are managing their rental property just fine on their own. Or so they think...

So what do good property managers do and how can they help maximize the return on rental property investments? What resources and skills do property managers possess that investors or homeowner’s can take advantage of?

This comprehensive guide designed for landlords managing residential rental property seeks to answer those questions and show how a good property manager will pay for themselves.

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Let’s dive a little bit deeper into the exact process that Mesa Properties uses to manage each and every one of our rental homes.

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