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4 Tips to Qualify for a Rental Property

4 Tips to Qualify for a Rental Property

At Mesa Properties Inc., we do everything we can to successfully obtain people who apply for one of our rental properties through the application process.

If you follow all the steps below, we can, typically, make a decision on an application within 3 business days.

Here are 4 things you can do to help us through this process:

1. Have all adults that will occupy the home fill-out an application.

This is especially important if the income of that applicant is going to be used as part of the financial qualification process.

2. Provide ALL the requested information when you apply.

The most common reason we deny an applicant is an incomplete rental application. We either cannot verify the stated income or we are unable to verify the prior tenancy because the prior landlord information is not provided.

3. Provide accurate information.

This includes prior landlord contact information, current income, pets, and when you would like to move in.

4. Be completely honest and upfront about any “issues.”

We do a VERY thorough background check on all our applicants, and, sometimes, we discover material facts that were not disclosed on the rental application that would not necessarily have disqualified you from being accepted, but, by failing to disclose the information initially, could end up in a denied application. An example would be undisclosed tax liens or garnishments. If in doubt, let us know up front so we can make a decision based on all the available facts.

Additional Tips
Any property manager, who is renting property to tenants, is trying to determine and address 2 queries about you as a potential renter:

1. Will you pay the rent in full and on-time every month?

2. Will you take care of the property?

If you can demonstrate a history of accomplishing both these elements, and that your financial situation is stable, you will most likely be approved!