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 Single Family Ongoing Management


How much is your single family management fee?


Do you charge a management fee when the property is vacant?



Yes 5% minimum

How much is your placement fee?
$599 with a 1-year placement guarantee



What is included in the placement fee?


    1. Pre-listing site inspection
    2. Video & pictures of the property
    3. All marketing of the property
    4. All showings done by Mesa Property Management employees
    5. Complete tenant screenings:
      • FICO credit score
      • Social Security Number verification
      • Eviction check
      • Criminal check
      • Small claims & existing lien check
      • Landlord verification
      • Employment & income verification
    6. Owner review of all screened tenants
    7. Complete move in inspection with pictures signed by tenants & property manager
    8. Verification of all applicable utilities in tenant’s name at move in
    9. Fully executed lease & inspection posted to owner portal
How do you market the property?


    1. Yard sign with price/specs, website and phone number
    2. Youtube video posted on our youtube channel and linked to all ads
    3. Numerous interior/exterior pictures posted on our website and online
    4. Customized Craigslist post
    5. Company website with ongoing SEO performed
    6. Smartphone optimized website for all available vacancies
    7. 15-20 real estate websites including: Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads etc.


Do you charge a marketing, advertising or other hidden fees?



Who will do repairs on my property?


We work with several good, reliable & reasonable vendors for maintenance on our properties.  If you have a preferred vendor, we are happy to work with them too!


Will I receive copies of all vendor invoices with my my monthly statements?



Do you mark up vendor performed work orders?


Do you handle Section 8?


No, we have managed Section 8 in the past.  Our decision to stop was based on actual experiences where the HACSB has not abided by their own published rules.   HACSB is the epitome of a government organization gone bad.


Do you do periodic inspections?


Yes, we do an interior safety inspection after 6 months included in the original placement fee.  If you want additional inspections, we charge $65.


Do charge for evictions?


We do not charge for our portion of the eviction process however the 3rd party servicer we use does charge for filing court papers and working the case once it is filed with the court.


When do owner payments/statements go out?


We send out all statements on the 15th of the month.  All ACH payments arrive on the next business day after the 15th of the month.  


The 15th seems a long time to hold payments. Why is that?


Since we allow tenant payments online and some properties have a 5 day grace period, a tenant could make an online payment on the 5th and then it would take 9 days to clear the ACH system.  We also reconcile our books and make sure all invoices are correct and paid.


What’s the process to sign up?

We need a signed Property Management Agreement and Owner Onboard Packet completed by the owner or their designated agent.   We collect $300 of the placement fee up front for the initial tenant placement.  Since we only require a 30-day notice to terminate the management contract, we keep the $300 as an early termination fee if you cancel before we place a tenant.  This covers our costs associated with setting you up in our system & marketing the property.