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Mesa Property Management offers useful information such as becoming your own property manager, laws surrounding rental properties and useful tools to make your busy life a little less busy.

Property Manager Duties


The duties of the Property Managers vary in a range of different areas. Learn more about what they do!

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5 Situations That Will Make You Rethink DIY Property Management

5_situations If you fall under any of these situations, it may be wise to leave your property management to the experts. Learn More

2016 Legislation Roundup for Landlords & Tenants

2016_Legislation As a landlord or a tenant, it remains important to stay educated on all legal issues pertinent to the way you run business or live in your rented space. Learn More

Advantages of Utilizing Property Managment Software

Advantages_of_utilizing Property management software has become one of the online tools that are helping property managers. Learn More

31+ Questions to Ask a Property Manager Before Hiring Them

questions to ask a property manager Discover the best questions to ask potential property managers from the basic to more complex accounting questions. Learn More

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