Property Management Services in West Covina, CA

Mesa Property Management is a company that brings a fresh approach to property management landlords and investors appreciate. We were landlords, investors, flippers and realtors long before we decided to become property managers. This enables us to offer a level of service that is hard to find with other companies. We work hard to ensure that clients with properties in West Covina have nothing to worry about when they entrust us to manage their properties.

Why Choose Us?

We understand the complexities of taking care of rental property in order for it to be as profitable as possible. We know how difficult it can be to manage everything from finding tenants to tending to emergency repairs in the middle of the night. We work with each client to determine what level of service is ideal for their situation, and we create a customized plan that will provide them with the most value and convenience.

Tenant Services

We can list and show properties along with providing extensive tenant screening services. We can handle every aspect of the leasing process, ensure that all of the necessary documentation is complete and establish a payment system. Our team acts on behalf of landlords and can be the first point of contact when tenants need assistance, and we can even provide our own resources when maintenance and repairs are necessary.

Property Services

Mesa Property Management prepares properties for rental by making sure they are clean and in good condition. We can also:

  • ensure they are in compliance with codes and regulations;
  • provide caretaker services for properties that are not occupied.

These are just a few basic highlights of the many services that are available. Discover the benefits of putting our experience to work for you by contacting us today. We can begin to tailor a plan around your overall goals and budget, and getting started is a lot easier than you may think. Call or email us today!

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