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property management services in CovinaRelatively equal distance from the beach as it is the mountains, approximately 22 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, and roughly no distance at all from your favorite shops, grocery stores, and eateries, Covina sits almost exactly on the famous California line that screams out: best of both worlds! The city of Covina has all of the conveniences of any other, but with the feel of something smaller.

Perhaps it’s the community or the old-town style but, even with a population nearing 47,880 people, it all seems quite close: close-knit, close to the action, and close to all of our hearts. In fact, special attention and effort has been given in order to make this the case. According to the City of Covina, the Downtown Specific Plan was drawn up in order to best promote pedestrian life, transit progress, and other future developments while also honoring its history and preserving the city’s historical character.



About Covina, CA

It is important to note then that the plan succeeded; moreover, it seems that the modernized yet classical downtown area has shifted into the rest of the neighborhoods as well. Overall, the city has managed to set a tone for the entire community, one that is kind and welcoming and healthy. It’s a city that encourages the lives of those who live and work there. It embraces those who visit.Somehow, it’s become a small town that just so happens to be a city.

Being a company that works with the people who live in Covina, we understand first-hand how the life of the city has trickled down into the lives of its population. We’ve seen the kindness and the character and, working with properties, the history as well. It’s refreshing. In fact, it’s motivating.

Working in property management industry, it’s inspiring to be surrounded by homes with stories and buildings that invite you to build upon them. At Mesa Property Management, we want to help continue the tales of history, which makes Covina stand out – a city of both past and present.

property management services in covina

We will be the first to admit, however, that taking care of rental properties is plenty of work. And twice that when they’re old! All the same, though, we think that the work is worth it. Similar to the city’s Downtown Specific Plan, we want to be able to modernize and stabilize properties without taking away any of their individuality and histories.

Whether it’s work that is centered on the properties themselves, the responsibilities of the landlord, or communication with the tenants, we want to be a part of it all. Whether the property is old or new, historical or modern, it will need servicing and care. Faucets drip, pipes break, locks stick, drains clog, and light bulbs burn out. People lose their keys, have pets when they aren’t supposed to, and occasionally the power goes out. For some things, it might not matter how old a property is, it will only matter who’s managing it.

Or even, who’s living in it. At Mesa Property Management, we understand how valuable a good landlord-tenant relationship truly is. We want to be the people who tell renters to go out to Rude Dog for karaoke on Tuesdays; we’d love to tell families about the great deals at the famous new Aldi, and we want to be the ones to suggest that people visit the wonderful Center for the Performing Arts. Above all of that, though, we want to be the ones that they call when they need something.

Ultimately, as a company that works with both the people and the properties of Covina, we want to be a part of the community we know and love so well. Through managing properties, we work to continue the character and honor the history of the city. It’s a city that we think deserves to be cherished, and we would love to keep telling its story!

Quality Management Requires A Hands-On Approach

There is no way around the fact that taking care of rental properties is hard work. It takes time to list and show a property to prospective tenants. Tenants need to be serviced and properties maintained once they sign a lease and take occupancy. Plumbing fixtures leak, tenants lose keys and the power goes out from time to time. All of these are examples of things that need to be addressed right away, and a good property management company can take care of them.

Finding good tenants is one thing, but keeping them happy so they remain long-term residents is another matter entirely. We work hard to help find good tenants for properties, but we also work hard to respond when problems arise. We also act on behalf of landlords if tenants pose problems.

Why You Should Choose Us

We are a group of real estate professionals and investors who could not find a property manager to meet our needs. We can see things from the perspective of the landlord. We know what kinds of questions to ask when screening tenants. We know what is required to make sure that properties are in compliance with various codes and regulations. We understand the difficulty of continually addressing issues related to a rental property.

Our team is able to take on all or just a few aspects of managing a property, and we can develop a customized solution based on your preferences. Contact us to schedule an appointment, and put our experience and commitment to work for you. Call us at (866) 679-1730 today!

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