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Whether you’re enjoying feature acts at the Steelworkers Auditorium or cruising through the Mary Vagie Museum and Nature Center , there is always something to do in Fontana, CA, the City of Action.

About Fontana

Fontana was founded in 1913 and started off a small town but, soon enough, the city started getting some foot traffic thanks to the three major freeways that cut through it. Fontana is also located in the San Bernardino County area just a few miles from the Ontario Airport and gets many out of state/county visitors.

Transportation is easy to come by in Fontana. In addition to the freeways that pass through it, it is also one of the stops for the Metrolink that runs out of Los Angeles. And for travel through the city, the Omnitrans Bus Service takes you anywhere you need. To make this city a complete package, Fontana’s average cost of living is 14.6 percent less than the average cost of living in the State of California.


Why Fontana?

There are many attractions in Fontana, once tenants settle down. Families can have a picnic or ice skate at Jack Bulik Park and Multi-Purpose Rink or watch a show at the Center Stage Theater.

Other Places to Enjoy in Fontana are:

Exostics Racing-Los Angeles

Purple Easel

Pancho Villa’s Mexican Grill and Entertainment

Lewis Library and Technology Center

Fontana Park Aquatic Center

Property Management Services in Fontana, CA

Why Mesa Property Management?


Fontana is just the place to call home which is why Mesa Property Management dedicates its work towards providing all the services that individual investors need to purchase, rehabilitate, and manage investment property. Before MPM was a property management company, it had begun real estate business in 2009, purchasing foreclosed properties and selling or renting them out. When they failed to find a good property management company to assist in their business, the founder, Steve Shwetz, decided to use his experience as a 10-year owner of an international service franchise and start his own property management company.

MPM understand that real estate is one of the biggest purchases and sales that can be made, and we work to ensure that transactions are clear and with no false representation. Most property owners we work with do not live in the area of their investment property, so, to make things easy on the client, MPM helps handle the legwork of real estate and maintain the delicate communication between renters and property managers.

Above all, MPM is proud of providing ethical, transparent, and affordable property management services to our customers. Making a house a home is hard, and choosing the right agent is an important decision in that process. Mesa Property Management wants to help you make that right choice.

What Our Customers Have to Say

“I wanted to relocate and rent something and at the same time I was trying to figure out what to do with the property I own. I contacted Mesa Properties and from that point forward it has been easy sailing.” –Amy K.

“ MPM manages six of my properties and has done a great job of vetting and placing tenants as well as maintaining and keeping the properties in great shape” –Andy A.

“Throughout the process, each phone call with Darrell and Steve left us saying “Wow! They’re good!” We truly couldn’t have been happier with the service received, and wholeheartedly recommend Mesa’s service.”


A home is meant to be lived in and loved, but that doesn’t mean that some issues won’t come up. Let us, at Mesa Property Management, be the ones to manage any of your housing or property needs so you can get back to enjoying this lovely city and making your house a home to be proud of.


We Are the Full Package.

  • Rental Listings
    • We have a full list of available properties on our website for people to access 24/7. When you do business with us, you won’t have to worry about going through the hassle of listing your property on a bunch of different websites, we can take care of that for you.
  • Tenant Placement
    • Our tenant placement program is unlike any other. We go through an extensive process that ensures that we get the best possible tenant for your property.
  • Provide Ongoing Service
    • Not only do we have a great tenant placement program, but we follow through with ongoing maintenance and handle all tenant – landlord situations.
  • …And so much more!


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