High Desert Property Management

Welcome to Mesa Property Management! Our company began purchasing foreclosed houses in the High Desert back in 2009. After relentless searching for a quality property management company, we decided that our company would be the perfect fit to fill the void.

The High Desert is located just northeast of the San Gabriel Mountains and northwest of the Tehachapi Mountains.

Our High Desert locations

Adelanto Property Management


Adelanto is a city in San Bernardino County, California about 9 miles northwest of Victorville. Acres of deciduous fruit trees once grew in the city, which became known in the state for its fresh fruit and cider.

Apple Valley Property Management

Apple Valley

Apple Valley, known for their apple orchards s located in the Victor Valley of San Bernardino County. The weather is comfortable throughout most of the year with few snowfalls in the winter and warm sunny days from late spring to early fall.

Barstow Property Management


Located in the San Bernardino County, CA, Barstow is home to Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow and is the closest city to the Fort Irwin National Training Center. Due to its location, the city experiences all four seasons year round.

Hesperia Property Management


Located in the Mojave Desert, Hesperia has Cold Desert Climate that many residents find pleasing. The city is known for its manmade lake known as Hesperia Lake Park that is located on the southeastern edge of town.

Phelan Property Management


Featured in the Los Angeles Times, the city of Phelan is a “wind-swept, tiny unincorporated town nestled in the shadow of a mountain ski resort, just above the vast expanse that is the Mojave Desert.

Pinon Hills Property Management

Pinon Hills

Piñon Hills is in a tri-community that consists of Piñon Hills, Phelan andWrightwood. One of the largest Military Simulation Airsoft events in the United States, Operation Lion Claws, is held in the mountains of Piñon Hills, on the Jubilee Boy Scout Ranch.

Oak Hills Property Management

Oak Hills

Oak Hills is in the high desert north of the Cajon Summit, west of Hesperia and east of Phelan. Due to its elevation, the population of residents is small, but very quiet and peaceful.

Victoriville Property Management


Victorville is the location of offices of the “Mojave Desert Branch” of the San Bernardino County government. This city was famously used for films such as Grand Theft Auto and Lethal Weapon. The Mojave River also flows sporadically through Victorville.

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