Property Management Services in Hacienda Heights, CA

Nestled softly between some of the biggest named cities in Southern California is the quaint, little town known as Hacienda Heights. To the left is Los Angeles, on the right is Rowland Heights and Pomona, to the north there is the City of Industry, and south bound is La Habra, but smack dab right in the middle is Hacienda Heights, the perfect family style get-a-way from being surrounded by such booming cities.

It’s a fairytale town with a storybook ending; however, just because this place is peaceful doesn’t mean it houses sleepy civilians. Hacienda Heights is also home to some of the most exciting events, monumental landmarks, and thrilling histories that there is to come by.

So sit back, relax, and let’s take a trip down to Hacienda Heights!

Hacienda Heights began in the early 1800’s with the Spanish who ran this land for agricultural purposes and religious means since the nearby San Gabriel Mission operated it. However, John A. Rowland and William Workman later received the land in 1845 via a Mexican land grant. Those names sound familiar? John A. Rowland was most known for his involvement in settling the land, which is why his name is used in the neighboring community of Rowland Heights, the legacy of his work. William Workman was perhaps the most famous Canadian businessman during the time who was able to industrialize the city for trade and profit thanks to his labor and toils. The highest point in Hacienda Heights, known as Workman Hill, is named after him, so that all can oversee the community on top of the mountain.

Eventually, famous pioneer Elias “Lucky” Baldwin (yes the same Lucky Baldwin of the luxury Baldwin Hotel) acquired the land and further monopolized the growing community with his successful business investments. However, his descendants later sold the land in 1912 where the plot was subdivided into different sectors to grow avocados, citrus orchards, and walnuts. Unfortunately, the property took a hard hit during the Great Depression when all three crops dropped in sales because of the ailing economy, and the acreage became unprofitable and ridden with pests.

Finally, Hacienda Heights took its final ownership in 1950 when the land was taken over by a handful of residential developers who transformed the rural property into a high-end suburb estate. Today, the legacy of the developers lives on, as this neighborhood is highly centered on the values of family living and a close-knit community.

The Weather

Southern California is best known for its constant whether and that is no exception for Hacienda Heights. The climate is comfortably warm 90% of the year with showers during the rainy season. On average, the sky is blue and the sun shines around 80 degrees F with coastal breezes flowing in from the pacific to break the heat when needed.

The Vibe

As mentioned above, this city is centrally located between a few massively commercialized capitals, which makes Hacienda Heights the absolute perfect and quiet community of rest. The area is known as a “bedroom community” meaning a majority of the city is constructed of home and neighborhoods, and that most of the residents commute outside to the neighboring cities for work purposes. Its homeowners are adamant about maintaining friendly and neighborly values since the public is so tightly knit and all of the schools are located nearby, thus ensuring the safety of the students.

Overall, Hacienda Heights is a fairly safe and friendly community. Because of its suburban drive, most of the streets are lined with cottages and beautiful homes that are perfect for families of all sizes.


Fun Things to Do:

Since Hacienda Heights is such a community driven suburban town, most of the immediate activities are just outside of the city limits. However, because most of the residents do commute to work, the city has an extensive network of interweaving highways and streets that will make traveling to any destination, both near and far, a breeze.

Some of our most favorite local attractions include the expanse of hiking trails. Its no wonder a city called Hacienda “Heights” has some of the most beautiful mountain trails to explore. La Puente Hills Habitat Preservation Authority is adamant about keeping the pathways beautiful and clean for all nature lovers so that humans and furry critters can enjoy the trails year round. One of our favorite paths is the Native Oak trail which has many access points so hikers can enjoy a loop trail from as short as a mile to as long as 4 miles. Not to mention, there is plenty of green foliage, secret places of discovery and solace, and a peaceful stream that flows rather consistently all year.

Don’t worry movie connoisseurs, we haven’t forgotten about you! Definitely check out the authentic and historically preserved Vineland Drive-In Theater to fulfill any movie going need. Prices are cheep, food is great, and the atmosphere is wonderful! Bring your own blankets and Chinese take-out for added fun with friends and family.

Thanks to the countless interlocking highways, big name fun is always just a short drive away as well. Disneyland is only a 30-minute trek southbound as well as Knott’s Berry Farm and California Adventure. Looking to beat the heat? Raging Waters, the third nationally ranked waterpark by the Travel Channel, is just 11 miles from Hacienda Heights. Be prepared to be soaked because this amusement park has over 36 slides and water filled attractions.

Steve Shwetz

Managing Broker

Steve, the Managing Broker and Founder of Mesa Properties Inc. & Mesa Real Estate, began his real estate career buying, fixing and reselling distressed properties in Southern California. Seeing the long-term opportunity in a buy and hold strategy, Steve began acquiring residential real estate to build his own real estate rental portfolio. As a 10 year owner of an international service franchise, Steve saw an opportunity to take his experience in customer service and developing systems and processes and apply that experience to the world of property management and real estate. Prior to starting his own businesses Steve held various senior and advisory level sales positions with IBM Corp., B. Braun Medical, Insight Direct & Reach Local. Steve is a licensed real estate broker and holds a Bachelors in Business from the University of Southern California.

Sheryl Shwetz

General Manager, Administration

Sheryl helped to establish Mesa Properties Inc. with Steve. Today, she serves as the backbone of all things administrative for the company. Sheryl oversees all the details of running a property management company including on-boarding new owners, converting applicants to tenants, and paying all vendors. After earning her B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, Sheryl worked for a software development company running the support and training department and writing user documentation. Sheryl also gained experience at an advertising agency servicing non-profit organizations where she drafted vendor instructions for merging customer data with various fundraising campaigns. Sheryl has 3 sons and home-schooled them through various stages of their K-8 education. Each one is now thriving in adulthood.

Sam Shwetz

Business Development Manager

Sam is the Business Development Manager at Mesa Properties Inc. focusing on engaging both new and existing owners of residential and commercial properties.  Sam is a U.S. Navy veteran having served in the Nuclear Field on the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier.

After his military service , Sam worked for a lighting control company as a field service engineer on various projects including extensive work on Apple’s new corporate headquarters in Cupertino California.

Sam and his wife Sydney are homeowners in Ontario, CA where they live with their golden retriever.

Verenice Alvarado

Lead Office Administrator

Verenice is the office administrator to our Mesa Properties Inc. Team. She is also licensed and manages properties in the high desert. She earned her Associate’s Degree in Business Administration from San Joaquin Valley College and used her skills working in customer service. Previously, Verenice worked 4 years with Target where she trained sales associates and developed strong communication and teamwork skills. Through her position at Mesa Properties Inc., Verenice strives to find the right tenant for each owner and the right home for each tenant.

Mark Parmenter

Property Manager

Prior to joining Mesa Properties Inc., Mark worked in the construction industry as a member of the carpenters union. He holds an Associates degree in Business, he is a licensed agent, certified in property management and enjoys the unique challenges of property management. Mark is a homeowner himself and experienced with on site multi-unit management. He understands the delicate balance of working with tenants as a landlord, owner and neighbor.

Joshua Long

Property Manager

Joshua is a property manager to the Mesa Properties Inc. team. With a background in sales, Joshua gained the strong communication skills necessary to be an effective problem solver when handling any situation he is faced with. Growing up, Joshua watched his mother work as an apartment manager for over 20 years. Now, as a property manager, Joshua focuses on addressing the needs of both renters and homeowners. He is a focused hard-worker who ambitiously seeks to become better in his position and to gain more knowledge at whatever task is at hand. Joshua is an Upland area native and is a licensed real estate agent. He currently holds 2 Associate’s Degrees and is working towards gaining his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from CSUSB.

Bridget O'Gorman

Property Manager

Bridget is now a property manager to the Mesa Properties Inc. team. She currently resides in Victorville with her daughter. In 2014, Bridget obtained her Associate’s Degree in Business Administration from San Joaquin Valley College with a 4.0 GPA. Prior to working for Mesa Properties Inc., she has held various customer service jobs, where she gained better understanding of how to handle different situations and how to work with each person on an individual level. In addition, Bridget worked as a safety manager and recruiting assistant for a transportation company, giving her experience in processing applications and completing safety inspections. Bridget enjoys working for a company where she is able to assist others and to work in a changing environment, which is always giving her a chance for a new experience.

Julia Morrison

Property Manager

Julia is a property manager to the Mesa Properties Inc. Team! Julia currently holds an Associates degree in Criminal Justice. She is currently enrolled at CSUSB with plans of going to law school after. Having worked 4 years in a customer service field, Julia has gained much experience in working with difficult situations and learned how to be a team leader. Prior to working in customer service, Julia worked for an HOA, where she gained computer & phone skills and learned how to handle an overflowing stack of paperwork! She enjoys working with people and assisting them in finding a home that they love. Julia became a homeowner in 2016 and currently resides in Upland with her fiance.

Autumn Janda

Tenant Screening

Autumn gained her real estate license in 2011, but has been in the property management field since 2005. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from CSUSB in 2009. Prior to joining Mesa Properties Inc., Autumn gained much of her experience being an assistant property manager for commercial properties for six years! She also spent five years working in a company that worked with commercial, industrial, and apartment properties. Autumn enjoys working for Mesa Properties Inc. because she gets to work with new tasks everyday and likes meeting new people. She is currently a homeowner in Arizona, where she resides with her husband and daughter.

Donna Pulver


Donna is the receptionist to our Mesa Properties Inc. Team since November of 2016! Her tasks include answering calls, scheduling showing appointments, processing adverse action letters, assisting with applications, and assisting customers in the front desk. Having worked over 25 years for a real estate appraisal company located in Covina, Donna has gained much experience in providing great customer service. Donna currently lives in Victorville.

Carmen Franco

Administrative Assistant

Carmen is one of the newest members to the Mesa Properties Inc. Team! Her tasks include showing available rental properties, assisting with phone calls, and completing inspections. Carmen graduated from University Preparatory High School in 2011. She has earned her certificate in Business Administration from San Joaquin Valley College with a 4.0 GPA. Getting to know the team at Mesa Properties Inc., Carmen has been inspired to pursue a career in property management. She is eager to learn more about property management and prides herself in bringing a positive and caring attitude to everyone and everything she does. Carmen resides in Apple Valley with her husband and 2 children.

Amairani Palacios

Transaction Coordinator

Amairani is the transaction coordinator to the Mesa Properties Inc. Team! Her main role is coordinating real estate transactions for the real estate agents. Her other tasks include assisting the property managers with inspections, calls, and emails. Having been a member in the AFJROTC program for Victor Valley High School for 3 years, Amairani has gained experience in coordinating tasks and working with other team members as a Team Leader. Amairani has completed the needed real estate courses and is working on obtaining her real estate license.

Beau Cooper

Real Estate Agent

Beau lives with his wife and two kids in Hesperia, where he graduated from Sultana High School. After studying business at Victor Valley College, he focused on real estate classes at Allied Business School. A licensed agent, Beau has worked in real estate since 2006, having served as a property manager with a private investment firm before joining Mesa Properties Inc. in April 2012. Beau is an expert in asset-protection, which makes him a perfect fit for the Mesa team, where we recognize that most owners do not live in the area of their investment properties. So we make things easy by handling all of the legwork.

Michael Melendez

Real Estate Agent

Mike has been practicing real estate in Southern California since 2006. His family and friends have always been involved in home loans, new construction, and rehabilitation projects, deepening his knowledge of all aspects of the industry. As a Realtor, Mike’s service’s consist of helping buyers and sellers obtain property that best suits their interests. Finding his clients great deals, maximizing their proceeds and finding them the right home is what he does best. Mike understands that real estate is one of the biggest purchases and sales that can be made, and choosing the right agent is an important decision. He has both the experience and technology to help his clients meet their goals.

Sherree Stewart

Real Estate Agent

Sherree has worked as a licensed real estate agent for over 16 years. Her experience and dedication to the industry motivate her to excel as a property manager and Real Estate agent at Mesa Properties Inc. Working in the Inland Empire and High Desert, Sherree has gained a strong knowledge of both areas which serves her well as she works to add new homes to the property management program. Working in real estate has always been her passion and she enjoys tackling the daily challenges that come with the job.

Sonya Dod

Real Estate Agent

Sonya Dod has been a licensed real estate agent since 1989, Sonya is an agent who facilitates successful transactions for buyers as well as sellers, boasting a solid reputation for making deals with honesty and integrity. Since Sonya was raised on a Texas farm, she isn’t afraid of hard work and long hours. After her parents moved to California 40 years ago, they started buying investment properties. So she grew familiar and comfortable with the process of finding, fixing up and selling properties at an early age. Having served as an underwriter, processor and loan officer, Sonya has the knowledge and experience necessary to help sellers and buyers avoid wasting time opening meaningless transactions. What’s more, sellers are protected by her expertise as she requires buyers to provide written permission to speak directly to lenders. This unique approach fosters quickly closed deals and eliminates false representation.

Raymond Palacios

Administrative Assistant

Raymond is an administrative assistant to the Mesa Properties Inc. Team! His tasks include performing inspections, showing properties, serving documents, and assisting with phone calls. Raymond holds a Bachelors in Business Management from California State University of San Bernardino. Having worked 4 years at a customer service field, Raymond has gained much experience in assisting and providing great quality customer service. Prior to working in customer service, Raymond volunteered and worked 6 years for a food distribution center where he gained the experience in efficiently coordinating important tasks within a company.